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Kids in the MC

--run for your life!

We're here in the ghetto of Mill Creek...
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This community is for anyone living in or around the Mill Creek/Bothell/Mays Pond areas. You can post your rantings about this little planned community of ours, about local venues and shows that help keep us sane, etc. etc.

128th street, 132nd street, 35th, aspen, bothell-everett highway, buffalo corner, cottonwood, gateway, hawthorne, heatherwood, heron park, huckleberry, jackson high school, mays pond, mc country club, mill creek towne center, murphys corner, red cedar, seattle hill road, swordfern, the highlands, the jeffersons, the mill, the mill creek grange, thomas lake center, timberwolves, trillium, ultimate frisbee, woodside